3 Basics to Designing Your Backyard Pool

3 Basics to Designing Your Backyard Pool

Everyone wants a swimming pool in the backyard, especially if you have children or live in a hot climate. Deciding what type and how big it should be are huge questions that take a little thought in most cases. We have three key areas to discuss that should help you get on the path to a pool that fits your space and needs.


The first thing every homeowner might want to consider before signing a contract to install a swimming pool is how they want to use the pool. Is this something you want to use to entertain people often, or do you just want a cool place to relax after work? Do you have children? If so, then do you need a pool fence? Do you want a dream pool, something to add value to the home, or a backyard staycation? All of these answers can help point you in the right direction. Sunset Pools & Spas, a company offering inground pool designs in Chicago, says that deciding what the pool will be used for and who will be using the pool is vital to determining the design of your pool.

Size and Depth

The size of the pool depends on whether you want to devote your entire backyard to it, or if you just want a pool to add to the back of your property. If you want a large pool, then you may want to leave space for storage as well as a nice path to and from the house. For agile swimmers or those that want to dive into the pool regularly, then it may be a good idea to spring for a pool about eight to ten feet deep, with a more shallow area for lounging and pool games. If you just want to get in a few laps every day, then you may want to think about staying under six-foot.

Maintenance and Budget

Popular Mechanics says that there are three main types of in-ground pools to consider along with above ground options. The three types are concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. In-ground swimming pools run between $20,000 and $40,000 in most cases, but you should remember to include storage sheds, utility buildings, and annual maintenance into the budget. Above ground options are much cheaper, but they do not last near as long as an in-ground pool.

There are many considerations when it comes to swimming pools. You can opt for a beach entry or go with a nice set of stairs. The main thing to remember is why you want the pool and how much it involves to keep it up in the future.