4 Tips to a Successful Staycation

4 Tips to a Successful Staycation

Although most people make vacationing a priority throughout the year, staycations are increasing in popularity. Staycations can allow you to save money and avoid a busy itinerary by relaxing at home during the break. If you want to plan a successful staycation, there are a few important tips to follow.

1. Unplug From Technology

It can be easy to misuse your staycation by spending too much time on the Internet or staying updated on social media on your phone. Make it a point to unplug from technology to ensure that you can get quality time with your family or participate in hobbies that you enjoy without having distractions.

2. Go Camping in the Backyard

Enjoy a unique experience with your family by pitching a tent in the backyard and sleeping under the stars. Camping on your property is convenient, comfortable, and will allow you to get out of the house. Consider cooking over a bonfire or a barbecue and roast s'mores at night to have the complete experience. Use lanterns to see in the dark and spend the time reading or writing outside.

3. Splurge at the Grocery Store

Staying at home during your vacation means that you won't be eating out each day. Make it a point to splurge at the grocery store and allow yourself to indulge in your favorite foods. Consider making prosciutto-wrapped asparagus with steak for dinner or homemade pizza with wine. Use fresh spices and herbs to add flavor to each meal that you prepare and avoid worrying about the overall cost of the food since you'll be saving money by cooking at home.

Invite friends over or host a small party to enjoy having a bit of fun and strengthen your relationships.

4. Visit the Beach or Pool

Take a day trip to the beach or pool to cool off from the summer heat and have fun in the water. Over half of all Americans live close to the coast, making it necessary to take a trip to the ocean and enjoy swimming, surfing, or laying out on the sand. If you're not close to the ocean, find a local community pool that is available.

A staycation will allow you to create new memories close to home without spending time and money traveling out of the local area. With the right activities planned, you'll enjoy recharging with your loved ones.